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Because You Never Get A Second Chance To Create The Perfect First Impression


Get 101 English Tips Online English Magazine Ajarn Ken

Free Online Magazine

Every week get two English tips direct to your inbox to help you study better, learn faster and work smarter. Learn from the experience of all the other students I have helped!

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English Learners Community Free with Ajarn Ken

Grammar Essentials: Active & Passive Voice

This free course will make it clear and easy why we use the passive voice and how easy it is to remember to use it. Grammar Essentials you just don't want to miss!

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Understand Everything About Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb Secrets

This free course will give you secret tips how to learn phrasal verbs easier, how to remember them better and common phrasal verbs English you should be using but maybe aren't.
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Cabin Crew Interview Preparation

How to Introduce Yourself at an Interview

This free course will show you how to create the perfect first impression at a job interview by knowing how to introduce yourself effectively.


English Lessons and Classes Online with Ajarn Ken

Online English Classes

Latest English classes, webinars and lessons for members and non-members. Book private classes with Ajarn Ken for 6 hour or 12 hour courses, get discounts PLUS a money back GUARANTEE!

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English Lessons and Classes Online with Ajarn Ken

Inner Circle English Club

With exclusive classes, video courses, webinars and interactive coaching with an English teacher, this Inner Circle Club is for you. 

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Job Interview Tips in English

Interview in English Course

Find out how to prepare successfully for a job interview or exam interview in English. Interview with confidence and get that job and pass that exam

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Improve English Vocabulary Course With Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
Level Up Vocabulary

Here we go with regular lessons that will improve and level up your English speaking and English vocabulary. This are very, very practical ways to really improve and stretch your English skills. Watch out for this Level Up Your Vocabulary series coming your way very soon!
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English Tenses Course with Ajarn Ken

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Complete Tenses

English grammar Tenses Masterclass. The complete works that will help you get to grips with English tenses and when and how to use them to become a really proficient English speaker. We look forward to welcoming you soon!
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Dictations for IELTS Exams with Ajarn Ken

IELTS Topic Dictations

These free IELTS topics as dictations to help you understand speaking test questions and give your some motivation and help for your own answers.
English Grammar Essentials With Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
Grammar Essentials

Everything you need to know to be an expert in English grammar will soon be at your fingertips. We are in the final preparations of bringing this Grammar Essentials subscription. We look forward to welcoming you soon!
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