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Do you want to improve and practice English but ....

SCARED about making a mistake?

BELIEVE English classes are too expensive?

WORRY you forget what to say?

EMBARRASSED when you speak?

SUFFER from nowhere to practice?

Need to get PREPARED for an interview?

We have helped more than 7,226 English learners
LOVE the way they speak English and get the career they want

Make Confident English
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Get English Tips English Learners Club

Get English Tips
Inner Circle English Club

Many English learners have nowhere to practice so they lack confidence and feel embarrassed speaking English. Our club gives them daily opportunities to boost their confidence so they love and are impressed with the way they speak English.
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The INNER CIRCLE English Club

Believe You Can
Speak English with Confidence

They'll LOVE The Way You Speak English

Be 100% ready and prepared for a job interview in English!

Be confident in your ability to express yourself with ease.

Know how and when to correctly use important vocabulary.

Speak smoothly and fluently so that the listener is impressed.

Gain excellent exam grades to open the doors of your future.

Know you can hold a conversation without worrying your brain will go blank!


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Free Online Magazine
Get 101 English Tips

Members automatically subscribe to our magazine for English learners. Every week you'll get two tips - direct to your inbox - to help you study better, learn faster and work smarter plus downloads, tests and access to the community of English learners. 
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Understand Everything About Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb Masterclass

If you are like thousands of outher students, you'll know Phrasal Verbs can be difficult understand and use. With this complete Phrasal Verb Masterclass, you'll get one module each week to your inbox with a new topic, a selection of phrasal verbs, examples and tests plus a CERTIFICATE for each completed module!
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English Lessons and Classes Online with Ajarn Ken

Online Classes

Members can join in more than 12 free classes and webinars every month plus the EXCLUSIVE conversation club with teacher Ken each week. You'll also get discounts to private classes and workshops. Think classes are too expensive? Think again!
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Cabin Crew Interview Preparation

Interview Questions Courses

Needing English to get that job and career of your dreams? Ajarn Ken has helped thousands of students successfully prepare for interviews in English with multi national companies all over the world. Hundreds of his students are currently flying high with 5 star airlines as cabin crew. You can be next!
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English Learners Community Free with Ajarn Ken

Learners Community

Included with every subscription to any masterclass and magazine with Get English Tips is access to the brand new Get English Tips English learners community. You can get tips, advice and meet other English learners that will help you practice and improve your English skills. Welcome aboard, it is great to see you here!
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English Grammar Essentials With Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
Grammar Essentials

Everything you need to know to be an expert in English grammar will soon be at your fingertips. We are in the final preparations of bringing this Grammar Essentials subscription. We look forward to welcoming you soon!
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English Tenses Course with Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
Complete Tenses

English grammar Tenses Masterclass. The complete works that will help you get to grips with English tenses and when and how to use them to become a really proficient English speaker. We look forward to welcoming you soon!
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Dictations for IELTS Exams with Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
IELTS Dictations

IELTS topics as dictations to help you understand speaking test questions and give your some motivation and help for your own answers. Of course dictations are also a fantastic way to practice your writing and listening skills. All in all these are fantastic and are coming soon!
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Improve English Vocabulary Course With Ajarn Ken

Coming Soon
Level Up Vocabulary

Here we go with regular lessons that will improve and level up your English speaking and English vocabulary. This are very, very practical ways to really improve and stretch your English skills. Watch out for this Level Up Your Vocabulary series coming your way very soon!
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Ajarn Ken English Teacher Online British English Lessons

Native Speaker: British English from Scotland

Teaching Since: 2008

Number of Students: 7,226 +

Student English Levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Business

Specialising In: General Conversation, Interview in English, Cabin Crew Interviews

Languages Learned: Basic Conversation Level - French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

Countries Visited: 56 countries in Europe, Asia, South America

Since 2008 I have helped, coached and mentored more than 7,226 English learners online and in classrooms around the world to speak English with confidence.

Hundreds of my students have successfully prepared for interviews in English and are now working globally as flight attendants and cabin crew with 5-star prestigious international airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Singapore and also local airlines.

I understand what it takes to learn a language as in addition to being a native British English speaker, I have learned to speak an additional four languages conversationally and being culturally aware I have lived and worked in 10 countries and visited more than 50 countries in total.

All of this experience is available to you.
Welcome to the INNER CIRCLE English club!

Ajarn Ken

Come and Learn with Ajarn Ken

What Do Inner Circle Members Get?

Weekly English Coffee Conversation Club
So many learners tell me that they know English but never get the chance nor opportunity to practice speaking.

The INNER CIRCLE English Coffee Conversation Club is for members to meet online and practice their English skills with other learners - under the supervision and guidance of other English teachers!

The club is once per week.
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