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How To Introduce Yourself At A Job Interview In English

Be Positive, Be Professional and Create A Fantastic First Impression They Will Love

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"Create the perfect first impression when it counts most to get ahead of the rest." - Ajarn Ken

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In this free course for Job Interview Questions, you will discover:

  • How you can create an impressive first impression
  • How to get your job interview in English off to a perfect start
  • What to do to take control of the interview at the beginning
  • A well used and successful structure to introduce yourself with confidence

Ajarn Ken Thorkildsen

Since 2008 I have helped, coached and mentored more than 7,226 English learners online and in classrooms around the world to speak English with confidence. (fun fact: I lived in Thailand for 10 years and the word Ajarn is the Thai word for teacher or professor!)

Hundreds of my students have successfully prepared for interviews in English and are now working globally as flight attendants and cabin crew with 5-star prestigious international airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Singapore and also local airlines.

I understand what it takes to learn a language as in addition to being a native British English speaker, I have learned to speak an additional four languages conversationally and being culturally aware I have lived and worked in 10 countries and visited more than 50 countries in total.
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