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Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club


How To Book Your Class? It's VERY EASY!

Special Introductory Offer:

1 Hour English Class £22 (normally £30.00)
6 Hour English Package £99 (normally £180.00)
12 Hour English Package £180 (normally £360.00)
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Suitable For:
Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced English Learners

Helping You To:
Improve Confidence Speaking, Enhance Conversation, Understand Grammar, Level Up Your Vocabulary

The secret to speaking English fluently and with heaps of confidence is right here in front of you.

Have you EVER looked at some non-native English speakers and think to yourself how on earth did they learn to speak like that?

What’s the secret to speak smooth English and that’s so impressive?

Where did they get all that confidence from to speak English like that?

Most English learners speak broken English and it really affects their confidence and this has three reasons in my teaching opinion:

  • When you learn English in the classroom, you are being taught from a book and it’s usually just a grammar book. When I get it wrong, the teacher gets really annoyed with me and I feel stupid so I end up being quiet and saying nothing

  • There is nowhere and no one to practice with. Nobody has the same passion and enthusiasm for learning and speaking English like me. I feel so alone when I want to practice speaking English.

  • I’m not sure what to practice. Do I copy the subtitles in the movies? Do I read from a book? Do I listen to podcasts and YouTube? There’s lots of things for listening and for reading but what can I do for better fluency and to speak better English?

Are you any of these? Maybe you are even two or three of these!

Generally English learners speak broken English and it really causes problems with their confidence.

You get scared to speak English incase you are wrong or even worse that friends and listeners will laugh at you and make you feel shy and embarrassed.

You know English – you know the vocabulary, you know the grammar, you have idioms and expressions you love to use and you have it in your mind but …. when you speak ….

It doesn’t come out how you wanted or even worse, nothing comes out at all – you suffer from ‘blank brain syndrome’

Sound familiar? It’s every English learner’s nightmare!

You’re in the spotlight, you are ready to impress them with your English speaking skills but when you open your mouth to speak it all comes out wrong.

The person listening must think I started learning English yesterday – it was so bad!

It’s so very normal and I totally get it. I had a speaking test in the Thai language I had the ultimate ‘blank-brain syndrome’.

I knew what I wanted to say and I was ready but I opened my mouth and nothing came out. It was embarrassing.

Speaking English, and any language, confidently comes from knowing what you want to say. It comes from practicing and preparing.

This course is perfect for you:

  • If you want to know how to practice real English that you can use

  • If you want to improve confidence speaking English in front of people

  • If you want to know how to speak everyday English fluently

  • If you want to talk about yourself in daily conversation

Ajarn Ken English teacher

You’ve probably seen that since 2008, I have helped and prepared more than 7,286 English learners speak confident English.

Confident enough to attend interviews in English with international companies.

In this Confident English Speaking Course, Ajarn Ken will guide you so that you will be able to:

  • Understand the secrets to speaking English with confidence

  • Never suffer from ‘blank-brain syndrome’ again

  • Have conversations and stories that you can tell in English and really impress the listener

  • Speak confidently about yourself

  • Know how to practice (even by yourself!) so that you actually improve!

What’s even better – you have a guarantee. If you decide after the first lesson the of either the 6 hour or 12 hour Confident English Speaking Course is not for you, simply cancel and your course payment will be refunded. No questions asked – you will have the first lesson free and you will not pay a single penny.
For obvious reasons, I don't have the guarantee on the 1 hour single lesson - that would be a little crazy!!!

How To Book Your Class? It's VERY EASY!

Having a good teacher and student relationship is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing when learning. I want to make sure that you can be a student of mine AND also that you want to learn with me!

This is why I arrange a quick 15 minute introductory call to say HELLO! and to see if we can get along and to find out how I can help and then we can arrange a schedule.

Complete the form below or the ASK US button and we can start speaking

You risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - ZERO! It’s up to you now.

Special Introductory Offer:

1 Hour English Class £22 (normally £30.00)
6 Hour English Package £99 (normally £180.00)
12 Hour English Package £180 (normally £360.00)
payment details

Dear Ken, I would like to speak with you and arrange classes to improve my English

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