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Doing our best to help you level up your English skills for the future in front of you

Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
The Inner Circle English Club will:

Improve Your Confidence with Exclusive English Classes
Level Up Your Vocab with Specialist Video Courses
Support and Guide You with Your Personal Coach and Teacher

Are you searching for that special teacher to guide you and really Supercharge Your Speaking Skills so You Have Next Level Confident English?

Just think for a moment ... can you imagine turning your nervous speaking into Confident English that you can be proud of ..... Starting Today!! ....

…. Because for the first time EVER, access to the membership benefits, and all of the bonuses will be yours immediately with your exclusive access

Best part: You can check everything out for FREE for 14 days!

A native English speaker teacher who will guide you to really Supercharge Your English Speaking Skills and get You Speaking Next Level Confident English

What You Are About to See Will Give You the English You've Always Wanted and Dreamed About!

  • Bucket loads of Confidence

  • Pronunciation and Accent That Feels Great

  • A Rich Vocabulary That Will Impress

  • The Ability to Express Yourself Clearly

You Can Achieve All This ...
With Your Own Personal English Coach
To Help You Grow Your English Skills and Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced speaker, a struggling or confused Intermediate student, or an English learning newbie.

…. the quickest way to transform your skills (and your future) is to practice and learn consistently from an experienced native teacher.

Anyone who is really fluent in a second (or third) language knows unless you are going to relocate into that country, there is a not-so-secret technique that allows learners of any language to go from shy, nervous speakers who are scared of making mistakes into incredible, confident, fluent communicators.

The reason?

Supremely Confident English Speaking Skills Comes From Knowing What You Want To Say

An experienced teacher and coach knows how to get the best from their students but an experienced teacher who has already learned other languages knows what it is like to be in the shoes of a language learner.

To really know how to speak with confidence starts with knowing yourself - not only expressing yourself but knowing all your habits, your likes and dislikes, your experiences, your beliefs and thoughts.

Most of your own everyday conversation in your own language will be about this, right?

A really good teacher is able to encourage you and nurture you to be able to express yourself clearly and with detail about you that only you can provide.

I've seen a lot of teachers who will open a book and expect you to be able to speak English by copying it. You've maybe experienced this already in your own journey learning English, right?

While perhaps admirable, it doesn't offer the learner to adopt critical thinking when expressing themselves.

Anyone learning a language can read and copy from a book but to express yourself in a way that fills you with confidence and impresses the listener ....

.... this is where an expert to guide you will give you secret, hints and tips that you will not find on your own.

English teacher Ajarn Ken

You have two options ....

Option 1: you can continue searching and doing what you are doing to try to learn English that way .... or ....

Option 2: You can become a student of Ken with his teaching experience since 2008 of more than 7,286 English learners and his own experience of learning 4 languages .... PLUS

his international experience of visiting 56 countries and living in 10 countries .... AND

the fact he has successfully helped more than 982 students work in international companies

The choice is yours!

Once You Are Accepted and Part of
The Get English Tips Inner Circle

  • You'll be shown secrets to speak confident English in a way that will make you feel fantastic and supremely confident.

  • You'll have plenty time to practice speaking English to make your skills better and better to the point where listeners will be impressed at how you speak.

  • You'll be able to express yourself competently and confidently in English so that you never need worry if your brain is going to blank and embarrass you at the wrong moment.

  • You'll be confident enough to start conversations in English and know how to keep conversations flowing without having those awkward moments of silence where you try to work out what's being said.

  • You'll never suffer from blank brain syndrome and you'll have conversations and things in your mind that you can easily use to stop feeling shy and embarrassed when you speak English.

PLUS.... there is the bonus section of the Ultimate Phrasal Verb Masterclass PLUS Course to make sure you understand exactly how to apply phrasal verbs and really level up your English vocabulary.

There are 50 sections in this course plus weekly revisions … each designed to short-cut your knowledge of phrasal verbs ... and give you the exact super-detailed vocabulary you need to start taking your English vocabulary to the next level.

I know how busy you are so these are send every week to your email as a reminder along with weekly updates and tests. You'll get a certificate for passing each module!

Also ......... included are drop in support classes each week for the phrasal verb masterclass where you can come and meet Ajarn Ken to improve your knowledge and skills.

These drop in classes are LIVE and DIRECT with your English teacher!

There is Absolutely No "SANE" Reason Why You Should Waste Even More Years Learning General English From a Book or the "Free" Resources on the Internet

If You Are Never Going To Put It In To Practice And Speak Real Confident English.

This is The English Club That You Should Have Found Years Ago - If you could go back in time, would you do something different about learning English?

We Don't Have a Time Machine To Go Back in Time (unfortunately!). But there is something you can do today that the FUTURE YOU will thank you for

What You Can Do Is This Today .... Simply click below to secure your place at Ajarn Ken's Inner Circle English Club

And, of course, your membership is covered by our… 14 Day Free Trial - No Questions Asked Guarantee

Read It From My Students ...

Ajarn Ken is Personally Inviting You To Join His Inner Circle English Club

  • Exclusive Inner Circle English Classes (value £116/monthly)
    1 hour of personal coaching each week with native English teacher Ajarn Ken. I will have the chance to speak and improve my English conversation skills and have personalised mentoring and coaching advice and tips.

  • Ultimate Phrasal Verb Masterclass PLUS Course (value £56/monthly)
    The complete and ultimate video course to level up your English vocabulary with 1 hour free drop in class with English teacher Ajarn Ken. I'll be awarded a certificate of achievement for all successfully completed modules.

  • English Learners Community 
    The exclusive English learners group with exclusive lessons, resources and downloads from Ajarn Ken. I'll also be able to practice with other English learners and have direct access to a native speaker teacher.

  • Get English Tips Weekly Magazine
    Complementary weekly magazine with tips and advice how to study, learn, improve and practice your English. This has been taken not only from my own experience of learning languages and teaching but also more than 7,200 English learners I have helped and coached to improve.

  • Unlimited Discounts for Classes and Workshops 
    I'll be able to request private one to one coaching with a native English teacher with a membership discount that can be used an unlimited number of times.

  • All yours today with a 14 day free trial
14 day free trial english club

You have the GUARANTEE that you can simply click a button and cancel your membership
at anytime within the 14 days TRIAL membership period and you will not pay a single penny.

You will have had access to all the member benefits including classes at no cost to you
and you'll take my best wishes and thanks for trying the Inner Circle.

In something like 15 seconds we'll email you a link to let you know you've been successful, you can start on the phrasal verb course immediately and take part in the free courses already there. You can book your Inner Circle Lessons Today!

If, within the 14-day guarantee period, you are not convinced this system is going to help you …

… simply click the button to stop your membership and you won't pay a penny.

You risk nothing.

It’s up to you now.

Special Introductory Offer:

14 Days FREE Trial then ONLY: £65.00/monthly
(normally £172.00/monthly)

14 day free trial English Club

Click that STEP 1 button and take your first step to supercharge your English skills, get supreme confidence and speak English that will impress.

Best wishes,

Ajarn Ken Thorkildsen
Owner and Founder Get English Tips

The Nitty Gritty - What You Need To Know

What Is The Inner Circle Club?

It's an online English club for English learners to practice and improve with exclusive classes with a native English teacher.

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Who Is The Inner Circle Club For?
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