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  • Phrasal Verb Masterclass Course (value £16/monthly)
    The complete and ultimate video course to level up your English vocabulary with 50 modules, 450+ phrasal verbs, tests and revision PLUS I'll be awarded a certificate of achievement for all successfully completed modules.

  • Ultimate Phrasal Verb Masterclass PLUS (value £40/monthly)
    Exclusive for upgrades courses - The option to add these weekly drop in classes to support you learning so that you NEVER feel alone and always have the support and guidance from your teacher.

  • English Learners Community 
    The exclusive English learners group with exclusive lessons, resources and downloads from Ajarn Ken. I'll also be able to practice with other English learners and have direct access to a native speaker teacher.

  • Get English Tips Weekly Magazine
    Complementary weekly magazine with tips and advice how to study, learn, improve and practice your English. This has been taken not only from my own experience of learning languages and teaching but also more than 7,200 English learners I have helped and coached to improve.

  • Unlimited Discounts for Classes and Workshops 
    I'll be able to request private one to one coaching with a native English teacher with a membership discount that can be used an unlimited number of times.

  • All Yours Today with a One Month Trial Price
    If you decide this isn't for you then simnply cancel at the push of a button within 30 days and you won't pay a penny more. In fact, I will personally refund your first payment back to you in a 30 DAY GUARANTEE.
You have the GUARANTEE that for the first month you will only pay a reduced membership of £9.99. If during month 1, you decide it's not for you, you can simply cancel your membership with one click of a button and you will not ever be charged - EVER again PLUS I will personally REFUND your first payment to you!
    • Reminder: This is a Limited Time Only Special Introductory Offer!>
      Including the Phrasal Verb Masterclass Video Course AND the Weekly live lessons with your teacher - The total Ultimate Phrasal Verb Masterclass PLUS package is valued at £599.99. Buying TODAY Pre-Launch, You are saving an incredible £430.10. That is more than 72% DISCOUNT. You are getting a discount for Month 1, a 30 DAY MONEY BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE plus you DON'T NEED TO SPEND IT IN ONE PAYMENT - it's convenient, affordable monthly payments!

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