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"helping you be a confident communicator in English"

The Time of the classes are UK time

Practice Your Speaking and Conversation Classes

A safe place for you to practice, improve and get confident speaking English so they'll be impressed at how well you speak English

The conversation group classes are the perfect place for you come and practice your English skills with other learners who are in the same situation as you. You'll practice real English that you can use in everyday situations. 

Perfect For ....

The group conversation classes:

  • ✅ Are a great place to practice speaking and thinking in English
  • ✅ Will increase your confidence speaking in English
  • ✅ Improve all your English skills to make you a confident communicator

The number one way to be better in English is to practice. It really is that simple! These classes will do exactly that!

Will Help ...

These small conversation groups are great if you:

  • ✅ suffer from a lack of confidence speaking English
  • ✅ have no one to practice speaking English with
  • ✅ need guidance from a native English teacher and a safe place to practice

Most English learners are in the same boat, they just need to practice. These group classes are just the place!

The Classes ...

In the group classes:

  • ✅ You'll have plenty time to talk and practice
  • ✅ You'll be encouraged to talk and make mistakes
  • ✅ You'll be shown vocab and structures that will improve your English

The group classes are very informal. We discuss interesting topics, you can ask questions but most importantly it's a safe place for you to practice English and improve!

Register Now ...

  • ✅ and let's get started improving your English and making you a confident communicator in English!

Meet Ajarn Ken.

Ajarn Ken is a native English speaker from Scotland in the UK and has been teaching English since the year 2008. Most recently Ken has been teaching, coaching and mentoring university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand to prepare them to successfully pass interviews to be Cabin Crew and Flight Attendants with airlines all over the world

Ken has helped thousands of English learners to speak English with confidence by coaching, mentoring and teaching and hundreds have gone on to successfully pass interviews in English using the methods and formulas in the webinars, classes and workshops, working for international companies and airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc.

Class Details:

Date/Time Start: 02-09-2022 6:00 pm
Date/Time End: 02-09-2022 7:00 pm
Max Attendees: 4
Class Fee: Non-Members £14.97, Member 25% Discount
Location via Zoom Online
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